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miércoles, agosto 31, 2005:

well, after a summer of isolation and unproductivity, i've decided to do something decent for once and get this blog back in working condition. here goes. . .

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viernes, agosto 08, 2003:

song of the day (right click title to download):
stacie orrico - more to life

i've got it all, but i feel so deprived -
i go up, i come down and i'm emptier inside,
tell me what is this thing that i feel like i'm missing. . .
and why can't i let it go?

and at long last, i blog again!!

- incredible - the hiatus has been BROKEN. okay, but obviously it did NOT take me a month (and 11 days =P) to get my cable back. . .so where in TARNATIONS have i been?? to be totally honest, i've just been incredibly lazy and just not FELT like blogging. but i realized something freaky:

i've had the WORST karma since i've stopped blogging.

- omg you guys have NO idea. some of the things that have happened since i've stopped blogging. . .

* basketball got STOLEN on wednesday. stupid bass turds.
* on the intersection of culver and alton, the car ahead of me inexplicably broke down, causing me to swerve and subsequently fishtail into the intersection, just barely missing an accident.
* i lost my wallet at a gas station - and i came back for it like TEN MINUTES later, when i found out that someone who found it later almost tried to take it but was spotted by another woman who made him turn it in.
* on wednesday, my mom's computer broke down and my dad went to go fix it - i told him i really didn't feel like going to av in mid-week (the drive is GRUELING), but as a results both of my parents got seriously pizzed at me. *sigh*

- okay, so it's foolish to blame ALL of this stuff on not blogging, but i'm serious when i say that i think i should really resume this habit - keeps my life more in control, and keeps all of you less bored. *bwahahaha* it's AMAZING how many people how many people have given me heat for not blogging anymore (*cough cough* jackson, robbie, kunal, ceci, kaidi, jenn, argh. . .) - so i realized i should get off my fat posterior.

- not much has really happened since i've been "gone" - basically, i go to uci every day now to work on research, and in the afternoon i dilly-dally (kaidian word!) and find ways to spend my time until the evening, when i go to university park EVERY DAY (practically) for tennis and bball with rui, si hyun, and any other unsuspecting victims we can find. i've also been spending a ton of time with kim, which is nice because we live so close now. =)

- but there have been sooo many news stories since i haven't blogged - RANDOM people running for california governor, some CRAZY trades in baseball and basketball, and something about a lakers basketball player. let's see here:

i TOLD you i'd be back. . .   he's bidding to be the shortest governor EVER!

- and those are only TWO of the *wonderful* candidates we'll get to vote for if gray davis is recalled. -_-;; i think CNNcom put it best:

here are the candidates for governor in a easy-to-understand nutshell:
* the "terminator"
* a "smut-peddler who cares"
* a melon-smashing comedian
* a socialite-turned-columnist
* a "Diff'rent Strokes" actor

- incidentally, the "smut-peddler" is larry flynt, who publishes the magazine "hustler" - that's right, everyone: a PORN PRODUCER could be our next governor!! the melon-smasher is the infamous gallagher, and the columnist is arianna huffington, who may well be one of the most annoying people EVER. honestly, you guys - this is starting to turn into a farce. =/ california is still dead last in the united states in education. *sigh*

onto bigger and better things!

- being the horribly bored guy i am, i've dug up a CRAPLOAD of hilarious links/miscellaneous stuff in the past few weeks. among them:

it's a USB george foreman grill - just what i've always wanted!   this isn't just ANY monkey - it's a programming monkey. . .

- okay, so on the left we have the iGrill. that's right - it's a portable oven that plugs into your computer and cooks your meals! it's seriously perhaps one of the greatest inventions of our time, right next to the internet and milk 'n cereal bars. click for more information - and buy one today!! (boy i sound like an infomercial) once you've got a kick out of that, check out the one on the right. it's not just another "rabid monkey" insult from cecilia - nono, welcome to primate programming inc.! so basically, this website purports that it trains monkeys to program at costs lower than any human employment. you guys have GOT to see this. =P tomorrow, i'll throw out a link to this awesome pepsi commercial. . .but that's for another day. ;-)

- enough out of me today. i'm happy enough just to blog again. =D i feel fulfilled. . .

lexy word:
philter (greek, "fill-tur")
a potion or charm supposed to cause the person to take it to fall in love (gah. . .wish i had one of these)

1000 words:

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miércoles, julio 23, 2003:

waterlili24: yea
waterlili24: HMPH
waterlili24: almost a MONTH
Neilymon: i'm REALLY sorry, cecilia!!
waterlili24: u SHOULD be

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sábado, junio 28, 2003:


- okay, i'm putting my blogging on hold until i can actually ACCESS the web consistently. . .i don't move my cable to my northpark house until saturday (as in a week from now), so unless i have time to blog from uci, i'll see you all then. . .(btw, right now i'm blogging from home, but we have to move the computer soon. . .*ugh*)

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jueves, junio 26, 2003:

song of the day (right click title to download):
liz phair - why can't i
get a load of me, get a load of you,
walkin' down the street, and i hardly know you -
it's just like we were meant to be. . .

- this song's been getting a lot of airplay on STAR - and even though the chorus gets repetitive towards the end, i thought the guitar background throughout the song was pretty well-done. incidentally, kali pointed out a rather jarring fact about this song - it seems pretty soft, but pay attention to the lyrics while you're listening to it: "here we go, we're at the beginning. . ." don't say i didn't warn you!

lexy word:
autodidact (greek, "ott-oh-die-dact")
a self-taught person (those physics geniuses like robbie and jackson)

1000 words:

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song of the day (right click title to download):
fabolous feat. ashanti - into you
that's why the same bar, while the villa being painted,
just so we can get really acquainted,
the love is real - there's no way you can feel like it's tainted,
but i can't really explain it. . .

- far less annoying than "rock wit u" - this song's a lot more mellow, and the chorus is placid too. . .just like can't let you go. the original version of this song was actually by tamia, but apparently fabolous saw fit to steal the chorus and rap along to it. =D

5000 hits!! CRAJIE.

- gah. . .i'm posting under thursday instead of wednesday. that can be attributed to blogger's updating, which basically took all the way until midnight (i was close though! check out the time at the bottom). to be honest, tho, the new blogger is DEFINITELY worth it. the first thing i noticed what that they added NEW languages - including hindi!!! i was gonna use that for the date font, but since internet explorer defaults to western european encoding, every visitor to this page would have to switch in order to see the hindi properly (not that they'd understand ANY of it), so i ended up sticking to good 'ol español. . .

- on the plus, tho, they added an invaluable option that prompts you to save your entry before you leave the blog page - so i'm NEVER going to accidentally delete my blog entry again (that's the most god-awful annoying thing in the known universe). *breathes calmly* i actually have QUITE little to report today (even less than usual - you KNOW you're in trouble now):

i got SO bored that i played my old ap comp sci project - a starcraft wannabe called eclipse.

- i should upload that some time, for all of you to laugh at. . .that was basically my morning, along with continuing to add nifty stuff to my dell laptop. incidentally, i also spent a lot of my morning optimizing my laptop - i'm thinking of writing a small guide to do that so that everyone can read it and speed up their PCs a little. basically, every time the typical person's computer starts, about a dozen utterly necessary programs open at the beginning of windows (start-->run-->"msconfig") and make EVERYTHING run slower. on my desktop, there are only two programs at startup, and on my laptop only six - so they're MUCH faster than usual.

- a nice surprise around noon - BUI stopped by!! we ended up starting a random game of civilization iii (he chose the EGYPTIANS, inexplicably) and played until he left. . .which was about the time i left to drop by uci. i had a slightly annoying dental appointment at 2:15, but the good news from that was that i'm gonna get my braces off in july - YEEEEEESS!!! i was pretty euphoric from that for the rest of the day, which i mostly threw away chatting (although emily called!!). i'm starting to feel like i'm wasting WAY too much of my day, but i figure one day off from "work" isn't gonna kill me. (right?) oh, in the evening i caught a pretty decent disney movie (no, that's NOT an oxymoron) - the color of friendship. it's based in the apartheid era, and it's about a south african white girl who accidentally ends up being hosted by a black family in america - so there's a bit of racial tension. . .for once, disney actually tackles some of the MESSIER issues in the world. almost as messy as this:

waterlili24: i asked rui what his 2 abs were
waterlili24: Hadron23: it's like down the middle
waterlili24: Hadron23: i'm hoping to cut them horizontally later
waterlili24: that's really weird
Neilymon: um. . .
Neilymon: that's REALLY gay
waterlili24: dang i was hoping u'd say that's so rui
Neilymon: so gay, so rui - same thing.

yikes - the record companies are gonna come after mp3 downloaders. . .

lexy word:
autodidact (greek, "ott-oh-die-dact")
a self-taught person (those physics geniuses like robbie and jackson)

1000 words:
kali and jenny reach out to their fob roots. . .while jennifer desperately searches for new friends

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martes, junio 24, 2003:

song of the day (right click title to download):
jars of clay - worlds apart
soaring on the wings of selfish pride,
i flew too high and like icarus i collide
with a world i try so hard to leave behind -
to rid myself of all but love. . .

- i'm not an avid fan of christian music, but this is an amazing song with a really soothing background. interestingly, i was reminded of this song by jennifer an's xanga - many thanks to her, even though she'll probably never read this. . .broken, on my knees. . .

- another fairly humdrum day - didn't really do much. i got up fairly late, around 9 - but that's because i didn't sleep until three thirty (i couldn't really get to bed last nite, so i wasted time playing civilization iii). . .i managed to get my act together and pick up anya around 10, where we embarked on a three hour search for harry potter: order of the phoenix. it wasn't at target OR barnes and noble, but when we found it at albertsons (of ALL places), it was selling for 19.99, which of course is WAAAAY too much.

did someone say costco??

- so that's where we headed next, and after getting slightly misdirected we found a HUGE stockpile of books there, selling for SIXTEEN - way cheaper. incidentally, if you haven't figured it out by now, this isn't for me - it was for anya's insatiable appetite that we went on the whole goosechase. . .i swear she has a mental age of FIVE. on a cool note, we spotted lauren and julius at barnes. =) i ended up skipping lunch at heading straight to uci at 1, where i was supposed to tutor cecilia. . .

- but, conveniently enough, she was running half an hour late. =.= from a positive vantage point, tho, i got uci's wireless network to run on my laptop, so now i can surf the net at psychotically high speeds on my OWN pc!! w00t w00t. when ceci DID show up *cough cough*, we went over some calculus stuff for three hours, all the while listening to random songs on my laptop (which has some impressive battery life) - although the crowning achievement for me was finding out her middle (vietnamese) name, which i can't even pronounce. great.

tongue gwine.

- i swear that's what it sounds like. *whistles* stopped by del taco afterwards and had three chicken burritos (was STARVED), and barely had any time to rest at home before getting a call from rui to show up at university park around 7 for some tennis. don't ask how, but that ended up turning into a 5-on-5 basketball game with kevin, steve, dan, kim, and i vs. brian, aditya, rui, leslie, and jeff chen. after the girls left, most of the people ditched (wth?! females possess overly influential presences) - so jeff, rui, and i headed over to the mesa courts at uci to play some more 5-on-5 there with ani, dchin, jon, and kevin. i got home a little late, which is worrying my dad into thinking i'm going to party all night at northwestern. . .

lexy word:
rustic (latin, "russ-tick")
characteristic of country people; lacking in social graces or polish (e.g. rui)

1000 words:
is it just me or does mr. keith look HAPPIER than me??

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lunes, junio 23, 2003:

song of the day (right click title to download):
lifehouse - take me away
i try to make my way to you
but still i feel so lost,
i don't know what else i can do -
i've seen it all and it's never enough. . .

- the followup to spin, and although it's not quite as good, the lyrics are really poetic. thanks to cecilia for recommending this song to me, which i've only heard on the radio a few times - i don't know why it doesn't get more air time. . .

- updated blog that was long and tedious, but i felt inexplicably incomplete without doing it - that's pretty disturbing. i couldn't update it this morning in any case, because i found myself crazily busy. after i got up, i insta-showered and cleaned out the fridge into my stomach before running out the door to wal-mart to get my green civic an oil change. (grrr - i was seriously considering asking julia to do it for me, to save money)

- while that was happening, i shopped for a few light bulbs that i needed for the irvine apartment, and checked out some of the electronics - the oil change ended up being really cheap, only $20 for the 18-point checkup. . .

mechanic's report:
driver front tire needs replacement
driver rear tire needs replacement
passenger front tire needs replacement
passenger rear tire needs replacement
air filter replacement not in stock
oil pan damaged
transmission leaks oil

- good god. that's pathetic. i need to ditch this car VERY soon, before the last of my three friends figure out that i drive this heap of metal sushi (steel covered in rice and trademarked in japan. . .). after wal-mart, i fled to my mom's office to fix her phone lines, and to play secretary for a while (cross off another career option for me, please) until 11:30, when i actually did something fun - i met up with my friend versha at starbucks. granted, i was fifteen minutes LATE, but my mom wouldn't let me leave until 11:25, and her office is on the other side of town. versha and i had a really long nice chat, and even though i got *slammed* for my outfit (errm. . .let's just say i have a VERY limited wardrobe in apple valley), it was nice getting to see her bright face again. . .

- back to work at noon - dropped by my mom's office one more time before heading off to my dental surgeon's office and planning out my wisdom teeth removal: july 17 is the planned day of my doom. that's going to suck QUITE a bit, i'm pretty sure. . .after an excruciating 90 minute drive back to irvine, i balled it up in the evening with andy, ani, rui, jay, and si hyun - and proceeded to chat away the rest of the night. great.

it's NOT what you think. honestly. . .   yanni is a terrorist!!! nooooo. . .

lexy word:
agog (middle french, "uh-gog")
full of intense interest or excitement; eager (illustration below)

1000 words:
note that even with her bug eyes, emily's head is still only half as big as michael's. . .

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